12th Featured Author of Write ON!
SAVOR THE FLAVOR Series from Write ON! ~~ Featured Author, Jeane' Sashi (Week of: July 9, 2011 - July 16, 2011).
Write ON! Fans please give a warm welcome to Author, Jeane' Elliott Bennett, pen name Jeane' Sashi. If you love erotica, well it doesn't get more erotic than her book, Intimate Moments.  Jeane' sat down with Write ON! and says, "Write from your heart.  Feel your words and believe them.  I've always kept diaries and liked to write short stories."   She also won the Mayor's Award in Los Angeles for an essay she wrote in High School.  "Writing for me is a relaxation outlet and a way to think on paper~~get things out of my head."  Most of us authors can definitely relate.
In 2010, she self-published manuals Rebuilding You! Cleaning Up Your Credit Yourself! followed by Considering a Home Based Business, both of which are eBooks and published under her full name, Jeané Elliott Bennett.  Shortly after her first novel, Intimate Moments, which was published and released on May 16, 2011, she took a few short stories that she had written that were sitting in her computer for years and made them come to life in book form, which manifested her latest novel.
Jeané Sashi recently moved to Texas, where she volunteers her time with different organizations and still maintains her home based business when she is not writing.  Jeane' is one of those authors Write ON! enjoys collaborating with because she believes in the writing network and her craft.  I am positive we will be hearing more from this dynamic author.  Write ON! Jeane'~~Girl, You Got This!
Intimate Moments

10th Featured Author of Write ON!
SAVOR THE FLAVOR Series from Write ON! ~~ Featured Author, Thom Slofer (Week of: June 25, 2011 - July 2, 2011).  

Write ON! Fans please give a warm welcome to my brother Author, Thom Slofer, also under Xlibris.  Thom grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania~~lived in Atlanta, Georgia and now resides in Phoenix, Arizona. His occupations over the years included stock clerk, bar tender, hospital admissions representative, work release house manager, private investigator, and paralegal. 

Thom opened up to Write ON! and says, "A few months after arriving in Phoenix 10 years ago, I was scratching out a list of people I knew one evening on a notepad. I thought to myself, wow, all the people I know, the different ways I met them and how they contributed to me and who I am.  And thats how it started. I bought a book on writing, a few in fact. I went to a writers' convention here in Phoenix, met with a literary agent and thats when things really started changing. It meant everything I done up to that point I had to totally change or revamp. And I was 12 chapters into it at that stage! I attended writers workshops (how I eventually met my editor) and a dozen more things that resulted in what I do today. I just stayed determined through a lot of ups and downs and what I like to call administrative breaks. But in the end, it turned out better than I can ever hope for." 

Thom and I grew up together, from the same hood, and it's apparent our roots run very deep here.  Write ON! would like to thank Thom for stopping by, and agreeing to collaborate in our special network.  We expect more books from this up and coming author, and we're all looking forward to it.  When the writing bug strikes, you have to go with it.  Write ON! Thom ~~ Truly Amazing!


9th Featured Author of Write ON!
SAVOR THE FLAVOR Series from Write ON! ~~ Featured Author, Erin Jamison (Week of: June 18, 2011 - June 25, 2011).  

As promised Write ON! fans, here is another romance novelist surely to please the lover in you.  Meet author, Erin Jamison!  Better Than 8 is a story within a series.  Not only is this book super hot, Erin Jamison is a pen name, to further add to the mystique.  Ms. Jamison is an avid reader by nature.  She dreamt of telling stories of her very own. Mustering her bravado, she forged ahead to create a series of stories that promote individuality, confidence, fearlessness, fortitude, and passion. She writes sensual erotic stories of women who know what they want and aren't afraid to go after it for women who want a bit of a thrill too. 
Synopsis of Better Than 8:  Amara Simmons has always fantasized about having two lovers but believes it is just that: a fantasy. She likes her men gifted, if you know what I mean. At the suggestion of a friend, she registers for an online dating website for well-endowed men called betterthan8.com. She believes nothing will come of her site membership but after months of flirting online via email and instant messaging, she's shocked to discover that she's fallen for a gorgeous Latin man that has the potential to be her everything  except he never calls and she has no idea why.

Nursing a broken heart she is totally unprepared to meet her would-be Latin lover in person much less at the negotiation table of a multi million-dollar real estate deal. In Puerto Rico, passion ignites. Promises are finally fulfilled and the lines of reality blur when her fantasy finally blooms to life. Can Amara have it all: the deal, the man, and the fantasy?  So fans, still not convinced, definitely judge this book by its cover and read this erotica!  It's Smoookin'!  We wish you the best, Erin, and Write ON! Erin~~Sizzlin'!

8th Featured Author of Write ON!
SAVOR THE FLAVOR Series from Write ON! ~~ Featured Author, Shawna R. Hill (Week of: June 11, 2011 - June 18, 2011).
What's Up, Write ON! fans.  It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you, this romance novelist, Author, Shawna R. Hill.  She comes to you from Columbus, Ohio.  She's a single mother of two beautiful children, and she had the time to write two great books~~In Between Lies and Intimate Illusions (in that order).  Shawna is an avid reader, as much as an avid writer and is going to school full-time in pursuit of her MS in Marketing and Communications. She says, "I love to read anything and everything I get my hands on. I love to write as well, and would absolutely love to do it full-time, but the bills must get paid, so I work a 9 to 5."  We Write ON! fans know that situation all too well.   And if you thought that is a lot for this romance author, she found more time to host a Blog Tour beginning June 19 through July 3, 2011, called 'The Initimate Betrayal Blog Tour.'  There will be author interviews, books/ebooks giveaways, contests, suggested reading material, writer tips, and an array of other fun things to do on this tour.  Shawna encourages you to step away from your social media websites for a second, and check out the exciting blogs being featured during the event.  It is going to be fun, so check out her blog for further details.
To read more about In Between Lies and Intimate Illusions, check out of the links below, and hover over the book covers to go to the websites where the books are available for purchase.  Not only is Shawna a talented writer, but she's a gifted spirit, as well.  Yours truly will be apart of the  Blog Tour, and I couldn't be more excited.  We at Write ON! wish Shawna all the best with juggling her passion for writing and holding it down as a single mom and full-time student and worker.  We expect great things from the author, and wish her the very, very best!   Ms. Hill definitely knows who 'Runs this World~~Girls!'  Very proud of you!  Write ON! Shawna.


7th Featured Author of Write ON!
SAVOR THE FLAVOR Series from Write ON! ~~ Featured Author, Lacey Reah (Week of: June 4, 2011 - June 11, 2011).
Greetings Write ON! fans.  It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you, Pacific Islander Author, Lacey Reah.  She has worked as a teacher, a fitness and yoga guru, a healer, an actress and a writer. She has traveled the globe, living in major cities such as Manilla, Sydney, Los Angeles and New York; working odd- ended jobs such as retail sales and being a paid physic.

Wherever she went, she has taken every opportunity to track every key point of her life and document it. So much has happened in her life and with heavy bouts of sleep apnea that it is difficult to discern the reality from the fantasy.  She is on a lifetime search for truth.  For me, I think this photo adds to the mystique of Lacey's novel, Fireflies.   I cannot wait to read this book.  And check out the cover.  Looks inviting!

Fireflies is an intimate and disturbing metamorphosis from woman to night beast, enslaved by a murderous sexual appetite.  Synopsis:  Linda is a calculating, career-driven woman whose perfect world is shattered when she is seduced and transformed by a vampire-like creature called a nymphomite.

Linda becomes a beast, feeding off the energy of orgasmically-charged blood. Convinced that her humanity has faded away, Linda adapts to her new instincts of hunger and sex.  She hunts women primarily, for their longer and more frequent orgasms, and becomes a master of prolonging and intensifying their pleasure. But she never expected to find a woman like Jesse, and Linda's decision to spare her life instead of feed off her leads to a shocking turn of events that will make Linda question her beastlike identity and the humanity she thought she had lost.  Lacey, is a multi-talented woman, and Write ON! wishes her the very best!  YOU Go Girl, Write ON! Lacey!

1st Featured Publisher
6th Featured Author of Write ON!
SAVOR THE FLAVOR Series from Write ON! ~~ Featured Author and Publisher, Yamina Collins (Week of: May 28, 2011 - June 4, 2011).

I am pleased to introduce to Write ON! fans, Author Yamina Collins.  She says, "I remember picking up great books like Toni Morrison's "the Bluest Eye" and Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird" as a young girl and thinking, that's what I want to do: I want to move people with words."  In fact, she has wanted to write the Great American Novel since she was nine years old, and she is now chronicling her journey as a self-published author through the treacherous waters of New York City~~her favorite place in all the world.

Yamina started out working as a journalist for such magazines and newspapers as Manhattan Spirit, New York Resident magazine and Hamptons Resident magazine, and right now she hosts the new literary blog, Yaminatoday.com.  But, even though she has always admired the power and beauty of the almighty pen - and even though she has always wanted to write - this writer actually considers herself a late literary bloomer.  Indeed, even though she has a unique "voice" that was often humorous and dark, it took her about 36 years to be Ok in her own "writing skin". In the meantime, she has published a couple of short stories in such writing journals as Mosaic and Anansi and continued to do journalism, but it has taken some time to find her real voice.

She even acquired an agent for her first novel (written in 2000), called "Tales of a Neutered Lawyer", but the book never sold to any of the publishing houses. She thinks she knows why, too. "It was 'cute' and all, but it wasn't a great story. I had more living I needed to do.  And indeed, I have done a bit more living since then, obviously.  I am a Christian, but not necessarily a Christian writer  meaning that, while maintaining a standard of purity in my writing that includes not cursing, or using explicit sexual imagery, I tend to write about dark and quirky subjects, but with a comic flare.  These days, as I am completing both a book of short stories called the "Blueberry Miller Files" (which will be out in June of 2011), and a full length novel which will be out in 2012, I am not only feeling more confident about my writing abilities, but about the business aspect of writing, too - which is why I started my publishing company called DeeBooks Publishing (named after my late, beloved mommy, Devorice Jean Collins)."

"What's been a surprise to me, however, as I do this blog, is how much I enjoy featuring the work of other writers. I've always enjoyed reading much more than writing, and I am like a sponge when it comes to my contemporaries. I love to know what other writers are doing, and I love to hear about their writing journey and their experiences. I feel privileged that other writers post on my site, and I am looking forward to not only growing as a writer personally, but also to helping the community of writers grow.  I  am a graduate of New York Universitys Tisch School of the Arts, where I majored in film, which probably explains my current side hobby, which is acting in films and commercials (such as Propel Water, Comcast and Eyewitness New). Once, I even did stand-in work as Beyonce Knowles for a Disney print shoot with famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, even though I look nothing like Beyonce."  Yamina is a delight to work with, and I am glad she's comfortable in her writing skin~~you're a very talented sista indeed!  Write ON! Yamina


5th Featured Author of Write ON!
SAVOR THE FLAVOR Series from Write ON! ~~ Featured Author, Sean O'Neill (Week of: May 21, 2011 - May 28, 2011). 
I am proud to introduce to the Write ON! fans a very unique voice to the literary world.  Sean is originally from Scotland, and has traveled about a bit, including living in Ireland, England (twice), Italy and the USA - which is where he currently lives at the moment.   He has worked as a freelance journalist for about seven years and have had poetry, short stories and articles published in a variety of publications. In April 2011, he published four novels as Kindle ebooks on Amazon. They range from the thigh-slappingly funny, to the nailbitingly tense, but mostly somewhere between the two.  It is obvious through Sean's travels, he is very well verse in many subjects and his variety of novels certainly proves that.
So please give a warm welcome to Author, Sean O'Neill, and check out his many novels and sites for your viewing and reading pleasures.  Sean, you write the type of books our readers enjoy, and we thank you for contacting Write ON! and taking part in the literary world.  He lends a refreshing voice to the suspense/action genre.  I am proud of your accomplishments and keep on doing what you do.  We look forward to more novels from you.  Write ON! Sean.  Simply Awesome!


2nd  Featured Poet
4th Featured Author of Write ON!
SAVOR THE FLAVOR Series from Write ON! ~~Featured Author/Poet, K. Kellee (Week of: May 14, 2011 - May 21, 2011).
I am happy to introduce to WRITE ON! fans, another fellow sister author of Xlibris, and not only is Kellee on Xlibris, but you can find her work on Lulu.com, amazon.com, ebay and smashwords.com.  K. Kellee is a freelance writer, author, and poet.  Her latest project is a fantasy fiction series loosely based on Caribbean and African folklore, book one is entitled, Ansheniu Rise.  K. Kellee began her journey into writing as a small child in Trinidad listening to the stories told by her mother and grandmother, stories shrouded in Caribbean and African Folklore.  She remembers how she would often dream sometimes about some of these stories and how the characters would come alive for her.  Always the writer, according to her mom, she would buy her notebooks as a child before she could even write letters and she would just make squiggly lines across the whole page filling up notebooks of her writings.  Hmm, that sounds eerily similar to how I began writing.  K. Kellee's earliest memories of writing were around five years old when she would write poetry for her family.

At the age of 9, she moved with her family to Silver Spring, Maryland.  She continued to write this time about her transition from Trinidad to America.  At 14, she began writing short stories and was always the avid reader.  She remembers having a little blue journal that she wrote in everyday.  During that time, she went on summer vacation back to Trinidad.  It was on this a trip that one of her older cousins noticed her journal and told her she remembers her writing a not so nice poem about her when she was five.  It was in that moment that K. Kellee realized she had always been a writer.

Always the go-getter, this author has gone the self-publishing route for her new series.  She is truly dedicated to the writing craft and puts in a lot of long hours to make sure she is always presenting her best work.  Supported by Family and Friends who believe in her as a writer and much more, they have been the support she has needed when times got difficult.  They believe enough in her dream to complete the Ansheniu Series.  This labor of love has become her pride and joy.  Ansheniu Rise is just the beginning of what K. Kellee has to share with the world; she has a plethora of stories just waiting to jump out of her dreams.

Now living in Atlanta, Georgia, she continues to write daily.  She is a Daughter, Sister, Niece and Friend to a very large extended family and she is excited as to what is to come as she continues in her path as a writer.  Coming soon in the Ansheniu Rise series; Darkened Sunrise!!!  So, as you can see, Write ON! fans, not only is K. Kellee a beautiful woman with an infectious smile, this sista right here has talent.   Please join me in welcoming my fellow sister author and poet to Write ON!  Also, check out the links listed below to find all her books.

I can only hope to keep up with this author.  She is doing her thang, and that's what Write ON! is all about.  Kellee, I don't have to tell you how proud I am of you.  You're holding it down and you inspire so many future authors to keep going at it.  As writers, we know how important it is to never give up.  I wish you all the best in your  writing career, but something tells me you are going to be just fine.  Write ON! K. Kellee.  YOU ROCK!


1st Featured Poet
3rd Featured Writer of Write ON!
SAVOR THE FLAVOR Series from Write ON! ~~ Featured Poet, Bonita Penn (Week of: May 7, 2011 - May 14, 2011).
I am happy to introduce to WRITE ON! fans, one of my favorite poets, Bonita Penn.  She's from my hometown, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Bonita brings to WRITE ON! some pizzazz and erotic poetry.  Talk about def poetry, it doesn't get any more hotter than Bonita's unique view of writing.  Not only is she a poet, but the Managing Editor for the Soul Pitt Quarterly Magazine, a student, along with working full-time as an Administrative Assistant. She has surrounded herself with all writing genres including fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry. This fall will be her final semester at Carlow University where her major is Creative Writing, with a minor in Professional Writing. After graduation she is looking forward to move on to a MFA program; that will enable her to do what she loves, teach creative nonfiction and poetry and facilitate writing workshops to share her love of the written word with the youth.  

Her first love is poetry. She has been reading her poetry throughout the Pittsburgh region to a respective and supportive audience for many years. Her latest manuscript entitled "Enter the Lion's Den" is back from the editors and ready for publication, look for it late 2011. She is also working on a chapbook of haiku and eintou collection which will be out in June 2011. She is not only a poet but has a fiction romance/drama novel "Again," almost ready for editing. Some of her poetry can be found in her in the Critical Point (Carlow University Journal) where she was awarded their 2011 Creative Writing Award and she can also be found in the Madwomen in the Attic Anthology coming out later this year.
Along with her love of writing, she loves her work with the Soul Pitt Media, as editor and contributing writer. She's had the opportunity to interview local and national personalities such as jazz great Roy Ayers, Shanice Wilson, Lamarr Rucker, Tavis Smiley, and author and friend Jewell Parker Rhodes. Her favorite interviews are with authors. "I love to pick their minds. To get to know how they develop their characters, why they write. Conflicts, challenges they face in writing." These interviews are published on the Soul Pitt website (http://www.thesoulpitt.com/). She said it is important to spread the word about the great authors and books they write. "These are the writers that should be promoted," she said. This is the reason she organized the Meet the Authors Night events. She reached out to these authors inviting them to come and promote their books and meet their reading public. She is working on another event, if you are interested let her know.   Please join me in welcoming my hometown  fellow poet and future author to WRITE ON!  I expect big things from Bonita, as only she knows how to do.  I am so proud of you, and keep on doing what you do, and WRITE ON, Bonita!  We look forward to future works from you.  Do your thang, girlfriend!

Bonita's Website:  http://www.wordsrvessels.com/


2nd Featured Author of Write ON!
SAVOR THE FLAVOR Series from Write ON! ~~ Featured Author, William H. Johnson (Week of: April 30, 2011 - May 7, 2011).

I am so excited to introduce to you, Author, William H. Johnson. As you will see, he is one talented man. He moved from his native Virginia to Southern California in 1997 in search of his creative voice! As the son of an educator and grandson of a preacher, he had no mentors in the family after which he could model his artistic path. But, William need not worry because today he's found that voice that resonates loudly as an indie author speaking his mind through his writing.

William's debut novel, "THE DARK PROVINCE: SON OF DUPRIN" is an epic fantasy adventure where faith and religion must part ways in the mind of a deeply flawed hero. His journey to a forbidden land of iniquity forces him to question the rightful place of morality and tolerance in the realm of sexuality. William is currently working on a sequel to his debut, as well as a love story set in a small desert town. This love story, a far cry from the genre of his other projects, confronts the modern definition of family and a community's responsibility to children who are displaced and at-risk.

Mr. Johnson is the type of author that has earned a rightful spot on Savor the Flavor. He comes to you with a different voice and writing flare, which is what this series is all about~~DIVERSITY! We met through our networks of Facebook and Book Blogs.

There's been plenty of debate on how indie authors should market themselves, and I must say, William is handling himself quite well in the literary jungle. I've read many reviews from his fans, and they love his story and creativity. I can't wait to take a look inside the Son of Duprin. Sounds like a great read, and I couldn't be more proud to showcase William. It's an honor that he agreed to work with me putting forth our networking skills to bring you, our fans, more reading pleasures! I know you will join me in welcoming, William, to WRITE ON!

I can't wait until his romance novel drops. It sounds like the type of book that will change the face of the literary world~~and that's something we readers want! So please take a look at William's work and feel free to contact him on his blog listed below. Also, feel free to leave a comment on WRITE ON about William or any author that will be featured. We love to hear from you.

William, I wish you the best of luck, although brotha, from the looks of things, you don't need it. You are doing your thing and I am so proud of your accomplishments. Thank you for friending and working with me. Indie Authors unite!!! WRITE ON, William!


1st Featured Author of Write ON!
SAVOR THE FLAVOR Series from Write ON! ~~Featured Author, Stacey Donaldson (Week of: April 24, 2011 - April 30, 2011).

I am honored to introduce my fellow sister author, Stacey Donaldson, of Xlibris. If you were to ask Stacey, she would probably tell you that she doesn't consider herself a writer, although that's exactly what she is. She's been writing motivational quotes for the past decade and sends those quotes to an email audience she built up. It started while she was working in the Appeals/Grievance Unit for a health insurance company. Her coworkers looked forward to her quotes Monday through Friday. When she left the company a while later, her coworkers wanted to know why she stopped sending them. It wasn't until she had lunch with an old coworker that she revealed she didn't write the quotes, yet, received them from various sites. So she was propositioned to write them on her own.

So, she began constructing her own motivational quotes, but didn't reveal to her audience that she was the mastermind behind them.  She wanted to see if she would be well received, and truth be told, there was no need to worry because her email group loved them, and she let the cat out of the bag, which got her to thinking that perhaps she was onto something bigger and better~~a book perhaps!  She signed on with a self-publishing company, but dragged her feet for an entire year.

And complete her manuscript she did! What she originally wanted to do was write a fiction novel, but instead, she ended up with her book entitled "Peace of Mind. . .Is a State of Mind." A collection of her motivational quotes used as an uplifting tool. It was released on Xlibris in November 2010. After its release, a friend of hers from South Carolina sent her a link to Work Place Like Home, which is a forum of people (mainly women) who do various jobs from their homes, many of whom are writers. She discovered many of these people earn their sole living off of freelance writing. Stacey decided to publish her first online article in December 2010. She says, "I have not made a ton of money, not by a longshot. I was so excited when I earned my first $1.80! I have never been so proud to make a buck in my life! Since then, my earnings have been steadily increasing."

After these experiences, she is more motivated now than ever before, and how ironic for this indie author.  She also writes on her blog entitled "The Write to Make a Living"  which I am a huge fan of.  You will be able to find Stacey's work on the links provided below.   Please join me in welcoming my sister author, Stacey Donaldson, to Write On.  Check out her book and  most definitely read her blog, it's quite informational and fun to read.  Stacey, I wish you all the best, girlfriend, and keep on doing what you do!  You have most definitely uplifted me, and I can't wait until you put your first fiction novel out.  I'll be in line waiting to receive.  Best of luck to you always!  Love, Peace and Write ON!